Press release

Dutch analytical company Abundnz accelerates the development of innovative medicines 

Utrecht, The Netherlands, December 8, 2011. Abundnz B.V. is a new analytical company that offers advanced analytical support to biotech industries developing innovative medicines. Abundnz’s pAMS platform enables first-in-human drug clearance studies in innovative drug development. Benefits are a faster time-to-market, a reduction of costs, a safer testing of biopharmaceutical drugs and a reduction of animal tests. Abundnz also offers more standard services, like characterization of innovative medicines.

The new company was founded by Dr. Robert-Jan Lamers (Chief Executive Officer). Abundnz is a spin-off company of Ducares B.V., a TNO company. The pAMS platform as operated by Abundnz is based on the pioneering research performed by Dr. Robert-Jan Lamers and Dr. Arie de Jong at Ducares in a joint EuroTransBio project with French biotech company Glycode SAS.

“We are delighted with the launch of our new company, Abundnz, and to be able to share our findings and services with companies involved in innovative medicine development” says Dr. Robert-Jan Lamers. “We are convinced that Abundnz will be successful with their innovative platform and services. Ducares is looking forward to cooperate with Abundnz and we expect this to be beneficial for both companies.” says Kees Jansen, managing director of Ducares.

For more information about Abundnz, please contact:

Dr. Robert-Jan Lamers

CEO Abundnz B.V.

+31 6 539 78 750