Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Sebastiaan Eeltink

Sebastiaan Eeltink received his PhD degree in Chemistry (specialization Analytical Chemistry) in 2005 from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. From 2005-2007 he conducted postdoctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, and was guest scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In 2007 he joined Dionex and conducted research on packed and monolith column technology for ultra-high-pressure LC, two-dimensional LC, and nanoLC. In 2008 the National Fund for Scientific Research (FWO, Belgium) awarded him an Odysseus grant and currently he holds a position as assistant professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Free University of Brussels. His research aims at the development, characterization, and application of novel chromatography materials, including nano-structured monolithic materials and coatings in capillaries and micro-fluidic devices, for ultra-high-pressure and multi-dimensional LC separations.

J. Fred A. Voortman

Fred Voortman has over 40 year international experience in the investment industry. He worked for various banks as a fixed income specialist; Brown Brothers Harriman & International Banks Ltd, Pierson, Heldring & Pierson, MeesPierson, Fortis Bank.  At present he  specializes in alternative investments, among other things private equity etc. Through Ambidat Investment Services  BV he advises on asset management business with a focus on alternative investments. Responsible for and experience in the management of financial companies – Ambidat Investment Services, investment company- Altinvest BV.

Dr. Theo Berkvens

Theo M. Berkvens, Ph.D., is currently passionately active in the field of the creation of new business. With his own company he is providing strategic consultancy and executive coaching in the areas of strategy development, innovation, new business and new product strategy development, strategic team sales process, change and accelerating growth to a variety of (Industrial) Biotech-, Life Sciences- and High Tech companies in size ranging from early start-up companies to well established multinational corporations with flotation’s on various European stock markets. Next to being active with his own company Dr Berkvens also acts since January 2008 as an associate partner of “the business transformation group” focusing on new business development strategy development and implementation.
Before establishing his own firm in 2006 Dr Theo Berkvens worked for over a decade with Genencor International Inc, where Dr. Berkvens served out of the European HQ as Senior Director key accounts & Senior director Corporate New Business Development Europe. In his role of Senior Director New Business Development Dr Berkvens also served as a member of the industry steering group of Suschem overseeing the development of the European technology platform for the (Bio)Chemical Industry as part of the European commission’s innovation agenda. Prior to joining Genencor International Dr Berkvens served at the head quarters of the Royal Gist Brocades (currently part of DSM) in various leadership roles amongst others as the global General Director Marketing and Sales of the detergents enzymes business unit and as Manager New Business Development of the Food Ingredients Division. Dr Berkvens received his undergraduate education in (Bio)Chemistry, Psychology and Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam, obtained a teachers degree in drawing & painting, continued his education in Marketing and General Management at the Dutch institute for marketing as well as at the Nyenrode Management University, and received various graduate and postgraduate trainings in management, business development, finance and (creative) leadership at international schools and institutes, as well as several postgraduate trainings in Molecular Biology at the Dutch Cancer Institute and the State University Leiden, where he also performed his work culminating in his PhD.