Eurostars project on immune response analysis successfully finished

Together with UK partner ImmunoSYS Ltd. the Eurostars project COMPIT (Comprehensive immune response analysis of drugs) was successfully finished. COMPIT is ready for launch into the market to serve drug discovery companies better in their preclinical drug immune risk projects.

Abundnz attending BioEurope Spring 2018

Abundnz will attend BioEurope Spring 2018 in Amsterdam. Please contact us if you would like to meet.

Abundnz joins Discovery Analytical Consortium

Abundnz has joined the Discovery Analytical Consortium. This is a Consortium of companies to address the need for flexible drug discovery services. The Consortium provides a range of physical chemistry, in vivo efficacy, PK and bioanalytical services supported by experienced study management and consultancy including expert DMPK interpretation. Abundnz further enhances the Consortium by providing services strongly focused on bioanalysis of large molecules.

Abundnz at MEDICA 2016 as H2020 SME Instrument Champion

Abundnz attended MEDICA 2016 as a H2020 SME Instrument Champion.medica_easme_2016_2

Abundnz receives Eurostars grant

Abundnz has received a Eurostars grant for a 2-year project called “Comprehensive In Vitro Immune Response Testing (COMPIT)”. Together with UK project partner ImmunoSYS Ltd, we aim to develop a unique in vitro platform for the testing and prediction of the full human immune response to drugs. COMPIT is a system of biological and analytical assays that combines novel cell lines, 3D scaffolds and primary cells to deliver an in vitro human cell-based immune system that recapitulates the in vivo human microenvironment.

Abundnz participant in STW-OTP project to improve LC methods

Abundnz participates in a STW-OTP grant project called “DEBottlenecking Of Chromatographic Separations (DEBOCS)”. The project aims to improve LC methods and to greatly speed up the development of new methods, based on a combination of high-tech instrumentation and intelligent optimization strategies. Microfluidic chips with nested nanostructures will be efficiently incorporated in state-of-the-art equipment. The hardware and software solutions developed in the DEBOCS project will be tested and implemented in projects to address relevant analytical problems in life sciences. Besides Abundnz, participants are University of Amsterdam, Free University Brussels, Johnson & Johnson, Dow, DSM and Research Institute for Chromatography.

Abundnz at Mass Spectrometry Advances for Drug Discovery meeting

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Abundnz will be present at the Mass Spectrometry Advances for Drug Discovery meeting in York (UK).

Mass spectrometry

The meeting is about the use of mass spectrometry (MS) in Innovative Advances in Pre and Early Clinical Drug Discovery.

Abundnz at Biomedica Life Sciences Summit 2015

Abundnz will be present at “Biomedica Life Sciences Summit 2015″ in Genk (Belgium).  You can meet us at the innovation market.

On day 2 of the Biomedica summit Abundnz is pitchting during the Pitch Session Breakout.

Next year the summit will be in Aachen, Germany.

Meet Abundnz at “Knowledge for Growth 2015”


Abundnz will participate in the conference “Knowledge for Growth 2015” in Gent (Belgium).  “Knowledge for Growth” is Europe’s leading regional life sciences convention.

Knowledge for Growth partnering event

You can meet Abundnz at the partnering event.

You can download the press release about Knowledge for Growth at FlandersBio.

Prestigious Horizon2020 SME grant awarded to Abundnz

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Abundnz is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a prestigious European Union Horizon2020 SME grant. We will be using this grant to further develop a business model for a diagnostic assay in order to continue the growth of our company.

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