Partnership with InnoTherapy

InnoTherapy Inc. of South Korea and Abundnz have agreed to work in partnership. Both companies’ technologies perfectly fit together. The partnership will offer value proposition to the end users in that InnoTherapy‘s technology can be used to make bio-betters and that Abundnz’ technology can be used to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of such drugs.

InnoTherapy’s Site Specific PEGylation (SEGTM)

Our Selective PEGylation Technology Platform renews the future biosimilar and new drugs
The PEGylation technology has been used for many years to extend half life of small proteins or
nucleic acid based drugs. It is basically attaching PolyEthelyne Glycol (PEG) to a protein
molecule via covalent bond. Though it is a great technology, its major short coming is that it
targets ε-amine of the protein at random, which can easily disrupt active sites of the protein,
rendering it inactive. In addition, it can easily result in heterogeneity of target protein molecules.
At Innotherapy, our technology solves these issues by selectively conjugating PEG to the Nterminal
of the protein molecules, thus creating mono-PEGylation of the target protein and
achieving homogeneity of the drug compounds. Although Aldehyde based PEGylation does
create similar end results, its dependence on harsh chemical treatment and acidic pH may pose
another level of technological issues in final products. Our PEGylation is not only selective on
putting the PEG on the N-term only, but also can produce higher yield through less disruptive
chemical steps. Its usage in EPO and G-CSF alone can create multi Billion dollar block buster
drugs and can be used to new protein based drugs. Thus our platform technology can be applied
to a wide range of potential and existing drug molecules for bio-better or bio-similar markets.
Innotherapy seeks strategic partners who intend to apply our new PEGylation technology
platform to develop either a new drug or bio-better existing drugs. After successful results, we
are interested in various deal structure such as licensing, supplier relationship, or even sell the
technology in one lump sum.

Other partnerships with Abundnz.

Abundnz has partnerships with ImMunoSysLtd, IBIS Technologies, MsMetrix, Van Sonsbeek Software, InnoTherapy and Ducares.