Immunology Research

Oncology, immuno-oncology and systemic diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and autoimmune conditions are areas of therapeutic development that require advanced immunology understanding and immune based solutions. Abundnz is an immunology lab with boutique consultancy services and in depth knowledge in immune mechanisms and protein biology to provide you with the solutions you need for making better decisions on therapeutic efficacy or safety at preclinical stage.

We model and analyse immune response to:

  • test the mechanism and effect of a therapeutic
  • test the potential immunological risk of a therapeutic

Abundnz is an immunology CRO specialised in immune modelling, immune response and tissue damage analysis, in vivo and in vitro cell culture systems for preclinical drug research and development. We are experienced scientists who will design an experimental model and use customised assays as well as standard assays tailored for the right solution for your problem. We will develop novel assays in our laboratory to meet your specific and unconventional need.