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Abundnz and UK based company ImmunoSYS have agreed to work in partnership to further develop and commercialise our pAMS technology. The tool originally developed by Abundnz is expected to offer drug discovery companies an advanced and better analysis option.

Abundnz has partnerships with ImMunoSysLtd, IBIS Technologies, MsMetrix, Van Sonsbeek Software, InnoTherapy and Ducares.

Happy New Year

Abundnz wishes all their relations a very Happy New Year! We look forward to continue our collaborations with you.

Abundnz finalist in Accenture Innovation Awards 2012

Abundnz participated in the competition for the Accenture Innovation Awards 2012. Our company ended as finalist, and the pAMS technology platform was thus elected to belong to the top of Dutch innovative concepts.


Publication about pAMS technology in biotech drug development accepted

A publication on the use of pAMS technology in biotech drug development has appeared in Bioanalysis 5(1) 53-63 (2013).


Background: Microdosing is a technique for studying the behavior of compounds in vivo at 1/100th of the dose of a test substance calculated, based on animal data, to yield a pharmacologic effect. In microdosing, use is made of accelerator MS (AMS). In this study, we investigated whether 129I-labeling of proteins with subsequent AMS measurements is a suitable method to perform microdose studies with therapeutic proteins. We used erythropoietin (EPO) as a case study.

Results: In an animal study with 129I-labeled EPO in Han-Wistar rats, an increase of 129I-EPO is observed after dose administration. The half-life was found to be 2 and 5.5 h for two different EPOs. These results are in accordance with expected values.

Conclusion: Although further research is required, 129I-labeling of proteins seems a feasible method for AMS microdose studies with peptide and protein drugs, such as biosimilars.

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Abundnz on television RTV Utrecht

On Sunday 18 November 2012, special attention is paid to Abundnz in a television program from RTV Utrecht (Dutch regional television): BV Utrecht.

Abundnz selected for oral presentation at Services for Growth

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Abundnz is selected to give an oral presentation at the Services for Growth meeting on November 22, 2012.

Abundnz participant in Accenture Innovation Awards 2012

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Abundnz participates in a contest for the Accenture Innovation Awards 2012 in the category Health and Public Service.

Abundnz in Top 100 of most innovative Dutch SME’s in 2012

Today it was announced that Abundnz is in the Top 100 of most innovative Dutch SME’s in 2012.

See also the website of (Dutch).

New expert joins advisory board

Dr. Theo Berkvens recently joined Abundnz’ advisory board.

New experts join advisory board of Abundnz

Recently, Dr. Hans van Beek, Prof.Dr. Sebastiaan Eeltink and Fred Voortman have joined the advisory board of Abundnz.